Agenda and Presentations – 2014


Keynote Speakers
Michael Papay Northrop Grumman Preserving Product Data Integrity: Securing the Supply Chain
Dr. Amaury Soubeyran Airbus Group European ASD and Airbus Group strategy for PLM standards
William Schmiege Parker Aerospace Data Quality Impact on Product Quality
Data Exchange
Anthony Williams /
Arnd Feye
Boeing / Transcat 3D Work Instructions and Automated Data Validation with xCompare
Louis Pascarella Geometric Global Collaboration for Next Generation Engineering Ecosystem
Louis Pascarella Geometric PLM Interoperability
Robb McCord NGC Improved Geometry Transfers of Populated Printed Wiring Boards
Between ECAD and MCAD System
Alberta Cassola XSB Linked Data for Parts Management
Charles Chen /
YC Yang
Boeing Data Exchange Panel Discussion
David Kasik /
Christopher J Senesac
BoeingVisualization: Past, Present and Future at Boeing
Abdul ShammaaElysiumMigrate your CAD Data Successfully
Bernd FeldvossAirbusImproving Collaboration with Cabin Suppliers
Laurent CouillardDassaultUnleash the Power to Drive Innovation and Productivity
Manufacturing & Quality Systems
Chris Garcia Anark Deploying a Common Model Based Enterprise in an Uncommon
CAD & PLM World
Grady Ford Boeing Welcome to M&QS at GPDIS 2014
Rainer Romatka Boeing Configuration Management & Consistency of Engineering and PLM Data
Bryan Fischer MBD360 Optimizing 3D Process-Definition Datasets Using 3D Product Definition to Improve and Automate Downstream Processes
John Horst NIST QIF 2.0: A new Digital Interoperability Standard for Manufacturing
Quality Data
Thomas D. Hedberg, Jr./
Allison Barnard Feeney
NIST Business as Unusual: Enabling Model-Based Manufacturing and
Quality Assurance
Christopher Steel/
Christopher Borneman
SoftwareAG Building a Real-time “Transparent” Factory to Ensure Quality
Manufacturing at High Speed
David Zwier SpaceClaim GD&T Encoding and Decoding with SpaceClaim
Pam Green Boeing Manufacturing & Quality Systems
Curtis Benner Boeing Next Generation PLM
Michael Wright Boeing Establishing Best Practices for Mentorships Between Boeing Employees and University Students
Brett Stone BYU Successful Virtual Design Team Formation and Collaboration
Shigeo Hayashibara ERAU Boeing AerosPACE 2013-14: Lessons Learned from Multi-University Project
Leon McGinnis Georgia Tech Model-Based Systems Engineering for Design-to-Production Transition
Sebastian Herzig Georgia Tech Inconsistency Management in Model-Based Systems Engineering
Daniel P. Schrage Georgia Tech Georgia Tech MENTOR2 CREATE
Bob Deragisch Parker Directions in PLM
SOA & Cloud
Depti Patel Boeing IoT Challenges
Dinesh Khaladkar eQ Technologic Digital Backbone For the Enterprise
Thomas Goepel HP Accelerating Innovation with Self-Service HPC
Delbert Murphy Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Architectures for Operational Performance Management
Andy Han /
Chris Schrand
NextLabs / Siemens Secure Engineering Collaboration with Integrated Rights Management
Robbin Seggelmann T-Systems Secure PLM Findability
John Loo VMH International Real Life Experiences with Cloud-Based PLM
Lily Hout/
Thomas Cogswell
Boeing SOA & Cloud
Systems Engineering
Adrian Murton Airbus MoSSEC : a new initiative for sharing Modelling and Simulation information in a collaborative Systems Engineering Context
Ted Huang /
Lorenzo Landin
Boeing MBE Insertion Plan Development Process
Alex Ventura Honeywell Requirements Traceability Interoperability
Greg Gorman IBM Engineering Data Interoperability using Open Integration Standards
Greg Pollari/
Mark Williams
Rockwell Collins/
Systems Engineering Track Summary
Bill Chown Mentor Graphics Augmenting Current Tools & Processes to Increase the Productivity
of an Engineering Team
Greg Pollari Rockwell Collins SAVI Approach to ECAD-MCAD Integration
David Redman AVSI Importance of Consistency Checking in the SAVI Virtual Integration Process (VIP)
Sreeram Bhaskara Boeing Extracting Business Data from CAD Model Data Transformation
Dr. Roland Maranzana 3D Semantix How MDA Satellite Systems Increase Reuse Using Geometric Search
Rob McAveney Aras PLM in a Massively Multi-Disciplinary World
John Jarrett ATK PLM - It's Not Just a Tool
Keane Barthenheier Boeing Simulation Process Data Management
Hari Vijay Siemens Fly It before You Build It! How Systems Driven Product Development can improve Aircraft Program Performance
Jonathon Girroir TechSoft3D Unlocking the Power of 3D PDF
Arnd Feye Transcat Leverage the Asset of Big Data
John Mimms NGC PLM Track


2014 Presentation Abstracts


Summit Agenda